WNT Regional Police chief work visit to the land of Pariri Lema Bariri

GETNEWS.ID, West Sumbawa – The Regional Police chief of West Nusa Tenggara (Kapolda NTB), Irjen. Pol Drs. Nana Sujana, M.M working visit while hospitality to Land Pariri Lema Bariri West Sumbawa Regency, Wednesday (24/07).

Kapolda together groups of accepted directly by Vice Regent West Sumbawa Regency (KSB), Dandim 1628 KSB, along with elements of the regional leadership of the Congress (Muspida) and a number of prominent religious and community leaders, at the residence of the Regent of West Sumbawa.

Vice Regent Regency West Sumbawa, Fud Syaifuddin, ST., in his speech to convey appreciation for the visit in West Sumbawa. He also conveyed the appreciation extended over the TNI and Polri synergy awake well in supporting development in KSB.

“Recently-Sultanate of Sumbawa embed custom title to Police chief resort of West Sumbawa Regency (Kapolres KSB), the degree is awarded upon the dedication of the police force in establishing West Sumbawa, ” Vice Regent Regency West Sumbawa in his speech.

Meanwhile, Irjen. Pol Drs. Nana Sujana said in his working visit this time aims to tighten the rope silahturahmi with society and the ranks of West Sumbawa Regency Government.

“In addition, we expect the presence of silaturrahmi criticism and input-related security problems in KSB. We also check the readiness of the cantonal Unity (Polres, red) are already able to provide security for the society to the maximum, ” the two star generals said.

Not until there also expect cooperation and support from the various parties in providing protection to the people of West Nusa Tenggara.

“Please support, hopefully we are able to serve the community in carrying out trial and a job well done. To that end, the participation of religious and public figures are expected to increase protection to the community, ” Kapolda added.

In the Kapolda working visit also coupled to by laying the first stone construction Polres rusunawa KSB, received a grant of land development Commando Headquarter of Brimob given the local government and the granting of aid for sport tools Kodim 1628/SB and the delivery of aid to 4 boarding schools that existed in West Sumbawa.

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