The tourism office applies the concept of ‘New Normal’ to restore NTB Tourism

Mataram – The NTB provincial government is undertaking efforts to restore the tourism sector affected by Covid-19, through three phases which are now starting to be carried out as a contingency measure. Among them are the emergency response period, the recovery phase, and normalization.

In addition to collecting data on the impact of the Pandemic on the sustainability of the NTB Tourism and Creative Economy industry, another thing that was also carried out by the NTB Tourism Office during the emergency response phase was to create a Command Center. Through this step, Dispar together with stakeholders identifies affected tourism businesses to create material running on Covid-19 in the form of infographics, in order to facilitate the recovery program.

Head of NTB Tourism Office Lalu Moh. Faozal said on Friday (5/15), from this identification picture, it would be continued by making a Governor circular addressed to the Regents / Mayors to the NTB tourism associations in order to carry out sterilization and disinfection efforts throughout the tourism area. Then departing from the Governor’s SE, the tourism industry and the creative economy are asked to stay afloat with compensation and supporting policies.

“We establish communication with Tourism stakeholders through regular meetings via online meetings and training programs via online platforms (Teleconference). Use hotels that are still open as an option for independent isolation of air, sea, and land transportation passengers from outside the area. Strive to reduce the cost of electricity, water, rent (for hotels, attractions, tourism), “he said.

Then the recovery phase which is planned to take effect from June to December 2020. At the beginning of this phase, there is a New Normal concept on promotion, targeting the domestic market tourism which is divided into several parts of the region.

Tourist preferences for new normal products will shift to products that emphasize the concept of physical distancing of health, self-driving, outdoor activities, and so on. In the new normal condition, people still travel with a number of different procedures from before. Hygiene, health, comfort, and safety standards for customers are expected to be prioritized.

The following are efforts to apply the concept of New Normal in various fields including:

  1. INDUSTRY & ASSOCIATION – Compile health protocols that apply to the New Normal period before the vaccine, providing services that provide a sense of security and comfort to tourists. Run a predetermined protocol.
  2. GOVERNMENT – Approve, monitor the implementation of health protocols and monitor impacts while being aware of the coming of a new wave. Encourage efforts related to the sustainability of tourism businesses to encourage and maintain the growth of tourism investment.
  3. COMMUNITY – Providing support and looking for opportunities from the existence of a tourism business. Collaboration between stakeholders.
  4. MEDIA – Support the promotion of tourist destinations that are ready to re-open with the new protocol.
  5. NGOs – Helping people to take advantage of the tourism industry.
  6. ACADEMIC – Educating stakeholders so that NTB is ready to improve the quality of its human resources, as well as forming a mental model that is open to tourism development and ready to face competition.

The promotion of all domestic and foreign media is also considered necessary to support this phase of recovery. The NTB Provincial Government is or trying to invite ambassadors to visit the Mandalika KEK and its surroundings, to see the current situation that continues to carry out sterilization and sanitation at the mice venue.

Faozal hopes that this pandemic can end soon so that it can focus on encouraging the movement of the tourism industry and the creative economy.

“These things are expected to alleviate the psychological burden of the elements of society in the affected tourism sector, especially in the creative economy sector,” Faozal said.

Meanwhile in January to December 2021 is the normalization phase to restore the existence of NTB tourism. As for the things done by the NTB Tourism Office is to increase the number of domestic and foreign air flights (charter flight / regular flight) to make it easy for foreign tourists to come to visit West Nusa Tenggara.

“Promotion of Destinations and the Creative Economy with the Republic of Indonesia Kemenparekraf and invite domestic tourism stakeholders to more aggressively market more attractive tourism packages. Holding thematic events in more spectacular areas, strengthening digital promotion through websites, influencers, vloggers/bloggers, social media, “he explained.

Then Faozal also said that his party would carry out promotions through familiarization trips (fam trip), for travel agents and foreign media. This is of course done to provide confidence to tourists that West Nusa Tenggara is ready and safe to visit again.

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