The barren area in Bima is greened to create a beautiful and sustainable NTB

GETNEWS.ID, Bima – West Nusa Tenggara Governor Zulkieflimansyah, attended the launching of Bima as an industrialization center located in Paradowane Village, Parado District, Bima Regency on Saturday (11/1). This activity is coupled with the planting of candlenut trees and eucalyptus trees, which are a form of the seriousness of the local government in supporting and realizing NTB Asri Lestari in the arid region.

“We cut the forest, cutting down the forest is easy, but I see the big trees, it’s a pity if our children and grandchildren don’t enjoy and see them,” said the Governor.

He also requested that all parties unite their perceptions for investment-friendly NTB. Because there are investors present in the area, it can be an alternative job for the community, so that they no longer cut trees as income land.

“If it is indeed the job that we are looking for, hopefully with the alternative opportunities for the entry of investors, environmental sustainability and beauty can be maintained. At the same time, the alternative work we provide is the investment present and entering our place, “he said.

Through this opportunity, the Regent of Bima Indah Dhamayanti Putri invited all parties to work together to care for and protect the forest.

“I invite to improve the forests that we have. Because the Parado people who are at a height, do not feel worried about the condition of the forest today. However, for people who are at the bottom or at the foot of the mountain, it is different in a tense and worrying situation, “Indah said.

The Regent of Indah hopes that the provincial government, through the Forestry Service, will intensely oversee the process of replanting forests that are already unproductive and not green in Bima Regency, especially in Parado District.

“We request the support of the Governor, so that the forest areas in Bima Regency, especially those in the Parado sub-district, should receive special attention for breeding so that they can be planted again,” he hoped.

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