Seeds worth Rp.40 billion are cut down for corn

GETNEWS.ID, Bima – Massive corn planting in Bima makes people crazy. Previously planted land to restore forest conditions were cleared and burned by residents. Next, the cut down plants are replaced with corn.

The seedlings are known to be the result of the procurement of BPBD NTB for the activities of Forest and Land Rehabilitation (RHL) in 2018. The value is around Rp40 billion, the source of the budget is from the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), aimed at anticipating floods in the City of Bima and the Regency of Bima to avoid repeated disasters in 2016 then.

But the facts on the ground, about 2.2 million seedlings that were planted allegedly cut and burned. Residents damage the seeds in preparation for planting corn.

The Commitment Making Officer (PPK) of RHL BPBD NTB, Mustakim, claimed to have received reports of damage to millions of seeds that had been distributed. Reports came from residents, especially community groups (Pokmas) who were involved during planting.

‘’ This event was beyond our expectations. Even though we have involved residents when planting so they can take care of it. Burning the existing seeds to be replaced with corn, ” he answered Voice of NTB, Monday, December 30, 2019.

The results of monitoring and Pokmas reports, the distribution of burnt areas in Bima City planting areas such as Lelamase, Kendo and Jatiwangi Sub-Districts. While in Bima Regency, it is spread in Wawo District which is the upstream part of the river flow to the City of Bima.

‘’ The area of ​​the fire, which is clear from 5000 hectares, has a small amount left. Based on Pokmas recognition, it looks like the remaining 20 percent, ” said Mustakim.

The burning action by the farmers was very regrettable. Even though the planting process involved the TNI from Kodim 1608 / Bima at that time, the residents were so proactively involved. They even participated in planting and promised to care for it to grow. Moreover, the types of seeds planted are productive hard trees, such as jackfruit, mango, durian. There are also sengon and mahogany and rajumas.

‘’ When they planted (the residents) were enthusiastic. He said, yes, want to be guarded. But if you see this incident, we become concerned, ” regret.

It is difficult to stem the burning action by these residents, because of the vast land and distribution of parts of Bima City to parts of Bima Regency. The same difficulty is also felt by Pokmas who are contracted during the planting process. The program was considered a failure because more than 70 percent of the seedlings did not grow due to being cut down and burned by farmers.

As acknowledged by the Chairman of the Jati Kendo Pokmas, Bayu Setiawan. The task area is in two villages, Jatiwangi and Kendo Village. Of the 60 hectares that have been planted, only 20 hectares of seedlings remain. It was also ensured that residents would still be threatened by land clearing activities. ‘’ It can be said that almost everything caught on fire. We are difficult to maintain, ” said Bayu.

The RHL project is known to have sourced from the Rehabilitation Recon (RR) grant from the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), with a total value of Rp 40 billion. Such a large budget is used to sow seeds on 6000 hectares of land, both in Bima City and Bima District.

Procurement consists of four packages, with a budget ceiling of Rp. 19,805,067,260, then a contract with a partner of Rp. 13,361,599,878. Remaining from the contract value of Rp 6,443,467,382. Distribution of RHL seedlings, starting from the eastern part of the City of Bima such as Lelamase, Nungga, and Kendo.

While Bima Regency, in Wawo District, which is part of the upstream source of flooding. In addition to involving community groups (Pokmas), BPBD also cooperated with the TNI from Kodim 1608 / Bima in the planting process. Out of 5,581 hectares, 2,232,400 seedlings were planted.

source : suara ntb

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