NTB proposes Covid-19 economic stimulus package for Small Businesses

Mataram – To spur the productivity of MSMEs / SMEs in West Nusa Tenggara Province, the NTB Provincial Government proposed a Covid-19 economic stimulus package to MSMEs / SMEs in NTB.

NTB Governor Zulkieflimansyah when holding a coordination meeting with all OPD staff on Friday (15/5) said that if there were three points in the economic stimulus namely buying and using local Small and Medium Industries (IKM) products, job creation and labor-intensive, as well as the assistance of affected workers and businesses.

The governor said the provision of an economic stimulus package to MSMEs / SMEs during the Covid-19 pandemic, aimed at increasing MSME / SME activities and productivity in the regions. The hope is to be able to meet the supply of our local needs in NTB. Especially for the JPS Gemilang II package, all of which are local.

Provision of an economic stimulus package in the form of industrialization assistance for production machinery, seed material assistance, and fertilizer or feed. With this stimulus, it is hoped that the stretching of SME / SME industrialization in the regions will continue to increase so that it will be able to meet our local needs in NTB.

“Like eggs, we are only able to provide 600 thousand, even though our local needs are only 1.3 million eggs,” he said.

Doctor Zul stressed that our MSMEs / IKMs must be based on industrialization. For this reason, he hopes that this economic stimulus package in the form of a production machine will also involve IKM and vocational schools that have engineering majors.

“At present, we only use small-scale machine tools, which are lathes to make machines,” he said.

On that occasion, the Governor requested, that in the midst of financial limitations due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Head of the OPD could be more active in building communication and networks to find investors who were interested in investing in NTB. Of course, by providing incentives such as tax breaks, land availability, and the availability of adequate basic infrastructure.

“The head of the OPD can take on the role of a facilitator to attract investors to invest in our area,” he said.

In addition, for the sustainability of our MSME / SME production activities in NTB, the Governor requested that he be able to guarantee the availability of sustainable raw materials. This is so that production activities can continue. In this case, the governor asked the Agriculture and Fisheries Service and other OPDs to ensure the availability of sustainable raw materials for MSME production.

However, if the MSME industry lacks raw materials, the Governor also invites to take raw materials from outside NTB. “So we are not anti with raw materials from outside,” he said.

Meanwhile, for marketing, each head of the OPD was asked to establish communication with large-scale industries. Because large industries can also be used as partners to help market our MSME / SME products.

“We must not be anti-hostile or hostile to large industries, because they can also help us market our products,” he concluded.

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