NTB – DKI Jakarta plans cooperation for small and medium business products

Mataram – The NTB Provincial Government is collaborating with the PD Pasar Jaya of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government about the plan to distribute IKM / UMKM products and farmers’ products in this area to Jakarta. At present, the MoU Plan between the two regional governments is being finalized.

Assistant II for the Economy and Development of NTB Regional Secretariat H. Ridwan Syah MM., M.Sc. MTP said, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government’s interest in local IKM / UMKM products and NTB farmers so far because the NTB Provincial Government succeeded under the leadership of Zul-Rohmi who could support stretching, NTB during the Covid-19 pandemic period with the support of members impounding local IKM / UMKM using the glorious Program Social Safety Net (JPS).

“The NTB product design is in the process of being inventoried. Later, all the UMBM / IKM NTB products that we will send are in agriculture, plantations, fisheries, and animal husbandry, “Ridwan Syah said, Tuesday (06/09/2020)

He said, the Covid-19 pandemic that hit all regions in Indonesia, including in the NTB Province, had given wisdom to the involvement of local products. Where the Gemilang JPS program has been able to become a driver and economic lever in NTB.

Because, said Ridwan Syah, the existence of the involvement of IKM and UMKM was automatic, the funds would go directly to the community. “So, because in this epidemic the ones who have money are the government. Therefore, we spend the government funds to buy SMEs / MSME products, so automatically the money we have goes into the community and provides economic funds to the community, “Ridwan Syah explained.

According to him, the Gemilang JPS program has been able to provide space for the creation of clusters and zoning of local products in NTB. For example, in East Lombok Regency offers coconut oil and dried fish products.

“This is similar in the city of Mataram, namely the emergence of two clusters, namely convection in the form of making masks and printing clusters in the form of packaging to wrap JPS Gemilang products,” he said.

He explained the JPS Gemilang program by involving IKM / UMKM had been able to create multiple effects. Therefore, it is very natural that the NTB Province Financial Services Authority (OJK) sees the JPS program as being able to absorb various local products in the NTB Province. Thus, Ridwan Syah continued, the results will not only improve the welfare of business players in the regions but will also improve the performance of financial institutions, especially banks.

“Our target until the third stage of JPS Gemilang is to form 1000 IKM / UMKM. Because, from JPS stages one and two only, there are about 535 SMEs / SMEs spread in 10 regencies/cities in this area. Therefore, the scheme to supply NTB IKM / UMKM products to DKI Jakarta through PD Pasar Jaya will not be too difficult, ” he said.

Ridwan Syah said the good relationship between Governor Zulkieflimansyah and DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan made it possible to cooperate in sending products from NTB immediately.

“So, the basis of the Governor’s roadshow to all regents/mayors in NTB is how the concept of JPS Gemilang NTB by empowering local IKM / UMKM can be emulated by the regency/city government in NTB. So, if later the MoU of supply is carried out between NTB and DKI Jakarta, we will also involve MSMEs in regencies/cities in NTB or not, ” he continued.

“At present, the concept of the MoU between NTB Provincial Government and DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (PD Pasar Jaya) is just waiting for the arrival of the team from PD Pasar Pasar and DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to NTB to see the IKM / UMKM products they want in the near future, ” he concluded.

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