NTB Deputy Governor inaugurates Tourism Village in West Lombok

GETNEWS.ID, W Lombok – The key for a tourist village to be known to the world community is more professional management and hygiene management. That was said by Deputy Governor of NTB Hj. Sitti Rohmi Djalilah after inaugurating Sesaot Tourism Village, Pakuan Village, and Buwun Sejati Village or commonly known as the Sekawan Sejati Tourism Area as a tourist destination.

Especially for traders in the region, the Deputy Governor reminded them to prepare two garbage bins, namely for plastic and organic waste. The goal is that the community begins to be educated to sort waste.

“Waste must be a resource, not a cause of disaster like a flood. Manage organic waste for animal feed and non-organic sold in the garbage bank. If true friends can manage and pay attention to both of these things, Sekawan Sejati may be famous, “said Ummi Rohmi Saturday (11/1).

Ummi Rohmi on that occasion also gave high appreciation to all elements of society who were considered to have high cohesiveness. He is optimistic that True Sekawan can be known to the world.

He stressed that the progress of the village does not only depend on the work of the government, but also the enthusiasm and involvement of the community together with the existing figures.

“These three extraordinary villages have become a potential unity, the nature is very beautiful, fertile, so indeed it is very optimistic that Sekawan Sejati has become a world-famous tourist destination,” he said.

“Pokdarwis is compact in all villages, the figures are compact. God willing, this tourist destination will advance. And I’m optimistic about that, “Rohmi said.

In the same place, Tasks executor (Plt) Head of West Lombok Tourism Office Hj. Lale Prayatni expressed her gratitude to the NTB Provincial Government for inaugurating the Sekawan Sejati Tourism Village as a tourist destination, including the assistance provided by the provincial government.

“We are working on the rebate road in Sesaot. While the NTB Provincial Government focuses on Aik Nyet, “explained Lale.

In a separate place Sesaot Village Head Yuni Hariseni hopes that with the establishment of the Sekawan Sejati Region as a tourist destination, collaboration between the three villages will improve.

“The three villages in the future become a package so that we can build Bumdes together with Pokdarwis together. With a note that there is an MoU for three villages. So that the sharing of results can be in line so that what is desired together is achieved, “said Yuni.

Yuni reasoned each village has different potential. Even though there is one natural resource, the other potentials are different. For example, in Sesaot Village there is a Community Recreation Center (Purekmas), trekking and environmental management, then Buwun Sejati Village has waterfalls and baths. Whereas Pakuan Village has a Chinese Mosque.

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