NTB boxing athletes enter final, Danrem 162 : May they make history

GETNEWS.ID – The SEA Games 2019 event which was held in Manila Philippine was participated in by Southeast Asian Countries with various sports including boxing. In this branch, Pertina NTB sent its athletes to compete in the SEA Games.

That was said by Korem 162 / WB Commander Colonel Czi Ahmad Rizal Ramdhani, S. Sos. SH. M.Han., As Chairman of the NTB Program in Jakarta, Friday (6/12). He explained, some Pertina NTB boxing athletes to be proud of to this day because they can enter the semi-finals or finals.

“This is an extraordinary pride and we should be appreciated by continuing to provide moral support and prayer,” he said.

In the semi-finals, Huswatun Hasanah, a boxing athlete from KSB tomorrow, will fight the host, Kurnia Ramecye entered the final round of the SEA Games and Serda Kowad Endang, who was once the target of Pertina NTB also entered the final.

Also, Danrem invited and appealed to all Indonesian people, especially NTB to pray for Indonesian athletes, especially boxing to win gold at the 2019 SEA Games, which is currently still preparing to face the semi-final and final matches in Manila, the Philippines.

Separately, the Pra PON (National Sports Week) event also continues to this day in Bogor, West Java. One of the boxing athletes from Pertina NTB Sertu Nasrudin who is also a TNI soldier serving in Korem 162 / WB, will fight in the 90 Kg class and is targeted to pass the Pre PON round II and Pertina NTB must qualify for XX / 2020 PON in Papua.

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