Lombok began producing waste into electricity

GETNEWS.ID, W Lombok – Processing waste is no longer difficult by the NTB Provincial Government after collaborating with PLN in developing the waste processing industry into a fuel pellet. One of these industries is located in the Kebon Kongok Landfill, West Lombok Regency. Some waste processing machines have been produced even in trials that have succeeded in processing waste into pellets.

The process of processing waste into energy is a follow-up to the Joint Agreement between the NTB Provincial Government and the National Electric Company (PLN) of the NTB Regional Master Unit (UIW) on January 22, 2020. The agreement includes the Research and Development of Waste Management Technology into an Energy Source.

This waste processing process is fairly simple and easy. After being sorted, the waste which has been separated from rock and iron is then carried out by the peuyeumisasi process or a stacking process with a bio activator for seven days. Next, the waste is put in a chopper and the results are printed in a Pellet printing machine. The results can be used for fuel.

NTB Governor, Zulkieflimansyah with Danrem 162 WB, Kol. CZi Ahmad Rizal Ramdani, who directly observed the Pellet energy production process on Friday (1/31) said the presence of the machine made it easier for the public to process waste.

“Thanks to PLN, which for its hard work, its seriousness caused what was previously impossible to be possible in our place, turning waste into something meaningful,” said the Governor.

The NTB provincial government is promoting the Zero Waste program, which is a program to maintain environmental cleanliness by minimizing the presence of waste. Finally, zero waste is the subject of discourse and discussion everywhere. The presence of this processing machine, said the Governor, will encourage the community to collect waste.

“Thank God, with the presence of processing into something meaningful, PLN is used even for the community with its stove, I think the problem of minimal waste is there is light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

The Governor appreciates the ranks of PLN who have developed this technology. Thus, the Zero waste program is no longer a discourse but becomes real in the community.

General Manager of the National Electric Company (PLN) of NTB’s Regional Main Unit (UIW), Rudi Purnomoloka, said that the installation of this garbage processing machine will produce Pellet fuel, in one ton of garbage can produce around 40 percent of Pellet.

“This is one of our contributions PLN to the government and the people of NTB. So that we can also help with the waste problem in each region, “he said.

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