Had been hampered by data, 43 percent of Central Lombok JPS was distributed

Mataram – The distribution of the Gemilang Social Safety Net (JPS) program in the Central Lombok District took place smoothly. As of Wednesday, May 15, 2020, the aid package has been distributed as much as 43 percent.

“Distribution of JPS assistance packages in the Attic will be completed in the next few days. As far as our monitoring, the distribution process is going smoothly, “explained the Head of the Public Relations and Protocol of NTB Regional Secretariat, Najamuddin Amy, on Friday (5/15).

The distribution of Gemilang JPS packages is indeed becoming a priority to be completed. On the first day of JPS distribution in the Attic on Thursday (5/14) yesterday, the progress reached 12 percent. While as of today it has reached 43 percent.

The aid package from the NTB Provincial Government was indeed delayed because the local government of the Central Lombok Regency was synchronizing and verifying data.

JPS Gemilang, the first phase that has been finalized based on data from the NTB Provincial Government and the Attic Regional Government, will target 15,997 households with the same distribution pattern as other districts.

Not to forget, Najamuddin gave appreciation for the role and contribution of all parties so that the JPS program reached the recipient community.

“We from the NTB Provincial Government would like to thank the cooperation of the parties, especially the Central Lombok government through related agencies, sub-district heads and village heads who have assisted in the process of distributing the JPS,” Najam said.

The NTB provincial government claims that JPS Gemilang in the first phase has distributed 90% or 93,411 packages out of the 105,000 aid packages prepared. Furthermore, JPS Gemilang phase II will target 125,000 households with an additional quota of 20 thousand packages from the first wave recipient.

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