Cycling, work and care for the environment : Danrem 162/WB

GETNEWS.ID, W Lombok – Gowes Wira Bhakti Cycling Club is not only to seek fitness and physical health but also to be used for beach cleaning and tree planting around Kerandangan beach, West Lombok District, Tuesday (1/21).

WBCC team led by Korem 162 / WB Commander Colonel Czi Ahmad Rizal Ramdhani, S. Sos. SH. M.Han., Along with the Korem Chief of Staff Lieutenant Colonel Inf Endarwan Yansori and the Rinjani Cycling Club team with Makorem starting point heading towards Krandangan Beach in West Lombok and finishing back to Makorem 162 / WB.

Danrem 162 / WB in an interview with media said cycling sports were held every Tuesday and Friday to maintain physical fitness and health but were also used for positive activities such as those conducted today.

“This morning at the first checkpoint on the Krandangan beach to carry out beach cleaning following the President’s slogan” zero waste “including the slogan of the Governor of NTB, namely cleaning plastic waste in tourist areas with the hope that people or tourists who come to NTB will feel safe, comfortable and beautiful, “Explained Danrem.

In addition to cleaning up the environment from the rubbish heaps, Gowes WBCC together with Rinjani Cycling Club also implements tree seedlings planting as a beach protector as well as to maintain the beauty of the environment.

Also, Danrem was accompanied by Kasrem 162 / WB and Danramil 1606-07 / Gunungsari. Captain Chb Danang Kristianto monitored the distribution of savings books on the assistance of integrated reconstruction rehabilitation funds to affected communities in the Batulayar sub-district of Bank Mandiri in the Batu Layar District Office in West Lombok.

“Alhamdulillah, starting yesterday, the distribution of savings books has been carried out to 200 households and the rest today is 80 households,” he said.

Regarding the acceleration of reconstruction, the man born in Jakarta said that the transition period was extended to March 31, 2020. “Hopefully this remaining period can be completed entirely from the total damage of 226 thousand housing units, 200 thousand units have been built and the rest must be completed until March 31, 2020, “he hoped.

Danrem also expressed his gratitude to all parties, both the community and stakeholders who assisted in the rehabilitation and reconstruction process, especially Bank Mandiri in the process of disbursing stimulant assistance funds.

“Hopefully all the problems in NTB can be resolved properly of course with the solidarity and synergy of all parties so that all problems can be resolved properly,” he said.

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