3 Gilis in Lombok Lockdown, Head of BPBD: That’s an issue and it’s not true

GETNEWS.ID, Mataram – There is a confusion of issues and information that the 3 Gilis in the NTB Provincial Government Lockdown were taken seriously by the Head of the NTB Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD).

As Chief of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid 19 NTB Province, Ahsanul Khalik requested that tourism operators in 3 Gili provide the right information to tourists so that they would not panic and leave Lombok.

“It is not true that the 3 Gilis are in Lockdown, because we, the Regional Government, only have restrictions for the next two weeks. It could be that this incorrect issue was issued by people who do not understand and even our competitors in the development and business of tourism, “he said.

What’s more, continued Khalik, many tourists have visited the 3 Gilis long before the NTB Governor, Zulkieflimansyah, said that Gili was temporarily closed to foreign tourists. The closure was also said, he said, to clean up the 3 Gilis and will be spraying disinfectants by the NTB Provincial Health Office.

“We recommend that they enjoy the tour calmly and do not need to panic and do not need to leave Lombok, we only close the temporary crossing for 14 days to Gili Terawangan” said the Head of BPBD who is familiar with this AKA call.

What is clear is said the former NTB social head, foreigners who are in 3 Gili do not need to panic if you want to leave Lombok, because the crossing and the airport for tourists and also anyone who wants to get out of the island of Lombok is not closed, which is closed only crossing into the 3 Gili area to temporary. The Head of BPBD also reminded tourists and tour operators to take care of their hygiene and health, that is of particular concern.

“No matter how small they feel, they should immediately check themselves, “he concluded

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