270 regions in Indonesia will hold regional elections on 2020

GETNEWS.ID – A total of 270 regions in Indonesia, comprising nine provinces, 224 districts, and 37 cities, will hold regional elections on September 23, 2020.

“We are upbeat that the regional elections would be organized better by taking a cue from the previously held elections,” Acting Director General of Regional Autonomy of the Home Ministry Akmal Malik stated here on Friday.

Hence, Malik deems it crucial to involve all stakeholders in central and local governments in the evaluation of the 2019 presidential and parliamentary elections.

Malik believes the next regional elections will be a litmus test for the public to elect their respective leaders based on rational consideration rather than the candidates’ ethnicity.

He emphasized that the public would not only be pinning its hopes on a fair election but also the emergence of new leaders, who can be responsive to the interests of all people.

“The elected leaders are expected to improve public services, such as health and education, and issue policies that favor farmers, labors, and small businesses. They should also develop local infrastructure and combat corruption,” he stated.

The ministry is conducting its evaluation on the simultaneous elections in Padang, West Sumatra, on Aug 1-3.

source : Antara

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