‘One Island One Room’ Captain Suratun’s way of empowering the outer islands

Lombok – Captain (Navy) Suratun, a man born in Banyumas, Central Java on September 25, 1970, who now serves as the Commander of the Mataram Navy Base (Danlanal), claims he is very obsessed with empowering maritime potential resources.

Even this Navy Academy Alumni in 1992 did not want to wait long, Suratun moved quickly by ordering his staff, especially in the Navy Post (Posal) and Observation Post (Posmat) to list all resources, especially marine resources, to be used as a reference for realizing one of the results of his thoughts, namely One Island One Room.

As is known, marine tourism is a major concern of the government through the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP).

Traveling by visiting small islands in Indonesia can be an alternative for those who live in urban areas and want to get rid of boredom. Especially in the coronavirus pandemic.

Colonel Suratun with his mother and wife and children

Unfortunately, access to small islands in Indonesia is not feasible. Even though the struggle to go to these small islands is so far but it’s worth the view and atmosphere that is served.

Suratun hopes the concept of outermost island empowerment as a result of his thoughts can work together through a National Aquatic Conservation Area development program called the Maritime Tourism Village initiated by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) that will be able to boost tourism potential, especially existing marine tourism.

Furthermore, the father of two children explained the concept of One Island One Room.

“The One Island One Room concept is a marine tourism concept that involves the participation of residents around the island, even they can be the main actors,” said Captain (Navy) Suratun.

One Island One Room by the meaning of making a small island that has the potential for marine tourism but uninhabited and far from the main island like a hotel room.

The island is laid out without carrying out development that disrupts the ecosystem and authenticity and naturalness of the island. Suratun explained, later the remote and outermost islands will be placed VVIP tents which will be installed when there are guests.

“So on every island that has tourism potential and attracts tourists to visit and stay we will put up tents where they stay overnight,” he explained.

While for all accommodations the empowerment of citizens around the island will be empowered to become “hotel employees”. “Residents around need to be trained in hospitality, as well as the basic abilities of hospitality science to be able to provide services to tourists in the hotel class,” he added.

With this simple concept, according to Suratun, besides being able to provide added value to the economy of fishing communities in remote areas, it is also to keep the outer islands monitored by synergizing the roles of members of the Indonesian Navy with the community.

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