“Mataram Naval Base, It’s a SHOWTIME!”

Mataram – The change of command of the Mataram Naval Base Commander from the Captain (Navy) Dados Raino to the Captain (Navy) Suratun, SH., Brought new enthusiasm in the ranks of the Sailors based in Ampenan, Mataram City.

In carrying out the Main Chore of Indonesian Navy, those are Defence, Maritime Law Enforcement and Security accross the sea of our nation legal jurisdiction following the International and national Law, diplomatic task of Indonesian Navy in order to support Goverment’s common foreign policy, carry out the development and growth of the Navy power and also empowering the Naval Defence territory.

Naval bases considered as one of the small part of Indonesian Navy in carrying out the Navy’s main chore following the regulation, in order to perform the task, naval bases classified as Class A, B, and C which operating prochedure is directly response to Navy Fleet Commander.

Mataram Naval Base is one of the Operating Element which is directly under the order of 2nd Navy Fleet Command, while administratively under 7th Main Naval Base’s direction. Mataram Naval Base Main chore are organizing Logistic and administration Support toward operating navy vessel and unit in area, organizing sea area security, maintaining maritime potency and also miscellaneous task by the authorithy.

Well organized supporting action of The Naval Base measured by administration and logistic support in order to support the Navy unit or Indonesian Warship replenishment optimally.

Naval Base (Lanal) has Observation Post which commonly called “POSMAT” and Naval Post which commonly called “POSAL” are the smallest unit The Indonesian Navy Has. Their main chore and task have a necessary role as “the eyes and ears” of the naval base (lanal). POSMAT and POSAL are technically collecting maritime information and intteligence data which in response to the naval base commanding officer as one of the Indonesian Navy’s Task.

Belong to the implementation of Main chore and function as the smallest among the Naval Bases, Posal has chore and function to collect and deliver the information to the higher authority to be examined and evaluated as feeds for decision-making, whether both in tactical operation and strategic decision. Not only in rensponse to local maritime security and maritime area empowerment, but also ought to have a direct role toward surrounding environment.

Mataram Naval Base Commander (Danlanal Mataram) said, Naval Posts under the command of Mataran Naval Base to do an real role in local security and development, one of the role is obligates to local government based upon regulation UU number 34 tahun 2004 point 5 and 9 which mentioning the Chore of Indonesian Armed Forces, notably in the role of Military operation aside of war (OMSP), POSAL and POSMAT must have an ability in Patrolling their Area, SAR, and have a sinergy with local government office in empowering local residence and maritime potency in authorized area.

Mataram Naval Base has a number of Posmat and Posal which are on the island of Lombok and the island of Sumbawa. Among them are Lombok Island Posmat Lembar (West Lombok Regency), Gili Air Posal (North Lombok Regency), Alas Strait Posal and Tanjung Luar Posal (East Lombok Regency), Awang Bay Posal (Central Lombok Regency), while those on the island of Sumbawa include Posal Benete (West Sumbawa Regency), Posal Labuh Padi (Sumbawa Regency), Posal Calabai (Dompu Regency), Posal Kolo (Bima), and Posal Sape (Bima Regency).

The ceremony which was held in  the 7th Main Naval Base (Lantamal VII) Headquarters Marshalling Area, Kupang, Tuesday (09/06), is a form of realization of the Navy’s leadership policy in the context of regeneration, to optimize the Base’s ability to support the task principal Naval Base (Lantamal) VII.

His record highlight in command assigntment was the commanding officer of KRI BANDA ACEH – 593, a Landing Platform Dock (LPD), manufactured by PT PAL., while his career afloat as navy ship officer were KRI Sikuda 863 patrol unit, KRI Abdul Halim Perdana Kusuma-355 as Executive officer (XO).

As Mataram Naval Base Commander, even though it had only been running for less than 60 days, Suratun began to show his abilities. Armed with experience working in several areas, this man who always looks simple makes a few breakthroughs.

Challenged directly against situation during the Corona pandemic, Suratun immediately ordered his entire staffs to take part in helping the government reduce the impact of the spread of the virus originating from mainland China. One of them is by providing Covid-19 examination handling services in each Naval Post (Posal) and Observation Post (Posmat).

Not only that, but the husband of Silvia Permana also distributed a Starter Pack to relieve of Covid-19 affected residents in the area of ​​West Nusa Tenggara Province, especially residents in coastal areas. Promoting the culture of farming, especially vegetables in every vacant land both in the homes of members and on land owned by Lanal Mataram to support food security.

In addition to taking part in the handling of COVID-19, Lanal Mataram was directly ‘forced’ to ‘boosted out’ by Suratun to record all potential natural resources, especially potential in the maritime sector in the province of West Nusa Tenggara.

Suratun always tells his entire staff at Lanal Mataram to foster the spirit of ‘Jalesveva Jalamahe‘ which is often translated as “In the Sea We Win”. This motto actually comes from the Majapahit era, where the navy often uses this word to inspire.

Now Suratun tries to instill the meaning of the motto into members of his ranks at Lanal Mataram to re-demonstrate the dignity and honor of the Navy.

“This is the time,” he said during one of the Commander Hours, which is when he gave direction to his members.

“It’s Show Time, this is the time we show ourselves as soldiers of the Navy at the time of this pandemic when the country and the people need all parties to help each other together to prevent the spread of this virus. Helping the government provide solutions, which at least can minimize the impact of this pandemic, especially the impact on the economy and food security, “said the father of two daughters.

Suratun also outlined some of his ideas, for tourism, this 1992 Naval Academy alumni explained that in accordance with his profession and experience as a Navy soldier, he offered the concept of One Island One Room. as a solution to move to the tourism sector during the corona pandemic.

The One Island One Room concept was inspired by his experience while on duty on board, where he had to sail frequently to almost all regions of the country. “This concept is inspired by my experience during exploring this country while serving on the Ship,” he said.

“This is a simple concept, which, as we know, our country is made up of thousands of islands, which are so numerous that sometimes we have not been able to empower them and also maintain them continuously,” he said.

One Island One Room or if interpreted into Indonesian means One Island One Room, Suratun explained as one of the solutions to empower the outer islands and their communities.

He said, each island in Indonesia has different characteristics and it is a special attraction to be used as a premium marine tourism destination.

“By making an island like a five-star hotel room, where the provincial government and district government can” rent it out “to tourists,” he said.

Captain (Navy) Suratun with his Wife, Son and Daughter

Suratun also explained that this concept does not require large costs let alone build infrastructure such as hotels. He even rejected the development that could damage the naturalness of the island.

“So what we need to empower the island is the synergy between the local government and residents around the island which will be equipped with capabilities like hotel employees,” he added.

Hotels or accommodations made on each island use tents that can be dismantled. “Of course the tent we will use is the VVIP tent in which we make it like a hotel room,” Suratun explained.

Suratun was sure that the concept of One Island One Room could help tourism actors, especially marine tourism, to resume their activities before the new normal during the co-19 pandemic.

Of course, this concept must be re-studied and discussed with relevant parties who understand more about tourism, he added. To the concept of marine tourism, Suratun also moves its staff, especially in each Posal and Posmat, to carry out cooperation in improving infrastructure related to empowering fisheries resources in their respective regions.

“By helping improve existing resources such as Fish Auction Sites, traditional docks or opening new access to the community, especially on the coast who work as fishermen are expected to be able to revive the economy of the community, especially in this pandemic,” said Suratun.

Suratun dreamed that if all the facilities and infrastructure supporting coastal communities were available and operating, the concept of one island one room would be more easily carried out and fisheries self-sufficiency could be realized.

“It’s SHOWTIME !.” He concluded with enthusiasm.

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