TSS Lombok Strait is enforced, What is TSS? this is the explanation of the Head of KSOP Lembar

W Lombok – If in the world of aerospace the term Air Navigation Charges is known, which is a scheme that regulates the flow of a flight in the airspace of another country, even with ships that must also be subject to TSS during navigation. The head of the KSOP Class III Lembar, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, M Junaidin, said that like every aircraft, they must also comply with the direction of each ATC (Air Traffic Control) that exists in each country when crossing it.

“There will be a “service” fee charged to every flight that passes through a country’s airspace,” said M Junaidin, Friday (10/7). Referring to its definition, TSS or Traffic Separation Scheme is a maritime traffic management route system whose arrangements are under the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

“This maritime traffic lane shows the general direction of ships in the zone and all ships under navigation from TSS all sail in the same direction (regular),” he explained.

The application of the TSS, he added, will help reduce and manage traffic in the opposite traffic flow, help the management of ships going in or out of the port area, directives about safe distances between ships, and provide routes for deep-draft vessels.

“In addition to regulating the flow of ship traffic, the TSS also guides ships that want to crosscut off existing routes,” he said.

According to TSS rules, at least the ship that was about to cross made an angle of 90 degrees like a zebra crossing on the road.

The presence of this kind of maritime traffic scheme is due to an increase in the number of modes itself.

“If it is not regulated in such a way, the chaos in the sea route will inevitably be ready to threaten. The point of TSS is that it guarantees security and safety in shipping traffic, “continued M Junaidin.

TSS is currently present in the Lombok Strait and the Sunda Strait as of 1 July 2020 and the Strait of Malacca.

“Similar to Air Navigation Chargers, every ship that passes through the TSS zone is also obliged to pay the shipping guidance service fees, according to regulations, the amount of TSS service fees is determined from the tonnage weight of the ship,” concluded M Junaidin.

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