The Indonesian Parliament doubts the sustainability of Mandalika’s MotoGP

Lombok – Mandalika MotoGP Circuit land polemic has yet to find a bright spot, even though the Mandalika Lombok MotoGP event will be held soon. It made one of the members of the Republic of Indonesia Parliament worry, HM. Syamsu Lutfi who incidentally came from Lombok.

He revealed that this polemic should be resolved immediately by the current governor because everything had been neatly arranged, rather than disrupting what had been built by the previous government.

“The governor must be responsible, the previous government has given a good legacy in solving this problem. Just continue, why is this Governor even making other plans that make this problem more complicated, not making it easier for the community, instead of making it difficult for the community to get their rights,” explained Syamsul Luthfi.

He doubted the seriousness of the NTB Governor for the Mandalika MotoGP event, even he said the NTB Governor was unable to defend his community around the Mandalika MotoGP circuit.

“This governor is unable to take care of his people, he cannot defend people’s rights,” he growled.

He regretted the attitude of the provincial government that was not serious in helping the community in defending their rights so that the ITDC as the Mandalika MotoGP vendor was arbitrarily against the community.

“The governor is like ignoring the people, Mandalika’s MotoGP event is less than a year away, but the community land has not been paid for yet even the ITDC is playing on it, the government is silent,” he said.

He said that the 2021 MotoGP Mandalika had the chance to fail because of this unending problem.

“This will fail if community land has not been paid for, if this community land is taken forcibly, I will stand up for the community,” said Lluthfi.

Lutfi plans to meet with several parties including the Governor to clarify this issue so that the community can immediately get their rights.

“I suspect there are scenarios that are detrimental to the interests of the community that will be taken in the settlement steps to be carried out by the Provincial Government related to this matter,” he said.

He asked the government to use the social approach pattern and avoid the power approach pattern like the New Order era.

“The character of our society never wants to claim if it is not their right anymore. The proof is that 1,035 HA who have been freed have never claimed that they are landowners,” he concluded.

Previously, the Member of Commission II of the House of Representatives conducted a sudden inspection of the Mandalika circuit and obtained several facts about land issues, ranging from community land that was appropriated to unrecognized land. He concluded that there was a game behind this problem.

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