Kodim And BRI Sumbawa Hand Over Keys To The House Renovation Program

GETNEWS.ID, Sumbawa – Kodim 1607/Sumbawa in collaboration with BRI Sumbawa Regency Branch carried out the Non-Occupational Housing Construction Assistance Development Program (RTLH) in Sumbawa Regency area of ​​NTB Province. Related to this, Commander of Kodim 1607 / Sumbawa Lieutenant Colonel Inf Samsul Huda, SE. M.Sc., together with the Head of BRI Sumbawa Branch, Novizar Rahim, handed over the keys to the house and gifts to the owner in several places such as the house owned by Hj. Hadijah in the Bugis Sub-District of Sumbawa, Abdullah’s house and Mesuji’s house in Brang Bara Village and handover of the house key belonging to Ms. Mindara in Semamung Village, Moyo Hulu District, Saturday (12/28).

In Semamung Village, Moyo Hulu District, Commander of Kodim 1607 / Sumbawa in his remarks conveyed the rehabilitation of uninhabitable houses as an extension of our leadership cooperation at the Kodam IX / udayana level with BRI so that five units of houses could be rehabilitated.

“In this rehabilitation using priority scale, inshallah we will try in the future to cooperate with other BUMN banks such as BNI and Mandiri so that we can increase the number of houses we are rehabilitating, please pray,” said Dandim.

For residents who have not been able to, he continued, to be patient and will be endeavored so that they can have a house that is livable and comfortable to be shared with the family.

Meanwhile, BRI Sumbawa Branch Head Lalu Novizar Rahim said that this house rehab service is not livable as a form of BRI’s concern for others, hopefully, it will be beneficial for families and more comfortable in a new home.

While the village head Semamung expressed his gratitude to the Sumbawa Dandim and the Sumbawa Branch BRI for helping residents through the house renovation program.

“Hopefully this will become the Dandim worship charity field along with members and BRI parties, and will be given smooth and success in this house renovation program,” he concluded.

At the handover ceremony, the house is not suitable for habitation, attended by Danramil and Pasi Kodim, Sumbawa Branch BRI, Kampung Bugis Village, Berang Bara Village Chief, Semamung Village Chief, Babinsa whose fostered villages were affected by house renovation assistance and Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana Branch Kodim Sumbawa.

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