The Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries will fix the fishing port in Awang Bay

GETNEWS.ID, Central Lombok – Working Visit of the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and their entourage at the Port of Awang Pujut, Central Lombok on Thursday (12/26), is the answer to the fishermen’s problem. Mainly related to Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Regulation number 56 in 2016 and the status of the fishing port of Teluk Awang. Because, in the year 2020, a number of facilities needed at the Port of Awang, Central Lombok Regency, will be completed through assistance from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

Support for the construction of this facility is intended to encourage increased productivity and fishing activities in Central Lombok Regency.

“About the land around here, there are around 19 hectares, still lacking cold storage, as soon as I enter, this is lacking, the building is also in a mess. This area will become Indonesia’s flagship tourist destination, Mandalika. It’s not funny, if Mandalikya is good, it’s not good here, ” he said.

Therefore, Minister Edhy Prabowo ordered the Director General of Fisheries to realize what is needed by the community, starting in January 2020. Cold storage will also be equipped with presenting industries that are needed by fishermen. It’s just that he continued, needed cooperation between the central government and regional governments. So, what is planned can be implemented well and successfully.

In addition, the Minister of KP will also immediately release a permit for a ship that will operate in a special port for fishermen. “Permit the ship, we try to finish at the latest one hour,” he said.

For ships under 30 GT, he continued, the permit was issued at the provincial and district governments. While over 30 GT are issued by the center. “If there are ships under 30 GT, suddenly they have to go to sea, by sea outside the province, they can directly propose their permission to the center. Easy permission now, “he explained.

Edhy Prabowo advised that if all the plans had been realized, he asked the community to protect the environment. According to him, this is the sustainability of fish, lobster and other marine potentials.

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