Police to follow up TPF’s finding on Novel’s attack case

GETNEWS.ID, Jakarta – Suspect in Novel Baswedan acid attack case has not been revealed. However, National Police said the Fact Finding Team (TPF) sucessed to find a number of probabilities or possible motives behind the criminal case. 

According to National Police spokesman, Asep Adi Saputra, the findings of several motives of the attack would be a basic reference for the investigation and also further investigation. He stressed the probability will lead police to an in-depth investigation. 

“The probability that this will lead us (the police) to an in-depth investigation and further investigation in Criminal Investigation,” Asep said on Thursday (July 18). 

Earlier, TPF and National Police published the results of their work for six months in the disclosure and investigation of Novel attack case. The team that formed by National Police chief Tito Karnavian reported the results in 2.700 pages. 

However, TPF still failed to find the perpetrators in the case. Instead of revealing the attackers and mastermind in this case, TPF considered that attack was considered as a risk of Novel’s job as senior investigator at Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). 

Moreover, TPF said the attack on Novel was not intended to be deadly. It was aimed to make him feel suffer or also as a warning. The conclusion was proven with Novel’s current condition, which his left eye suffered more severe damage than right eye and now cannot has function to stare. 

Asep said TPF’s work result reinforced the theory of possible acts of attack. He said, there were at least six cases which concluded by the team as the motives behind this attack case. 

He said the six cases related to five corruption cases tag handled by Novel. Among the case was the ongoing e-I embezzlement case that has implicated several lawmakers and high-ranking government officials, such as form Constitutional Court (MK) chairman Akil Muchtar in 2013. The other cases were graft case on the construction of an athlete’s village in Palembang, South Sumatra which involved form Supreme Court (MA) secretary general Nurhadi in 2016 and graft case of former Buol regent Amran Batapilu in 2012. 

TPF assessed Novel handle all those cases with an excessive manner in the use of his authority, both when he was investigator at National Police and KPK. Asep said TPF underlined the six cases which allegedly became the main trigger or motives of Novel’s attack. 

“These are possibilities behind the attack case. It must be understood,” Asep added. 

Novel was attacked by two unidentified persons who splashed acid onto his face and eyes in April. The attack happened early morning on April 11, 2017 after he performed a morning prayer (subuh) in a mosque near his house in North Jakarta.

Novel then was undergoing his medical treatment in Singapore. His eyes were seriously damaged and he was undergoing surgery for several times. His doctor said he must totally rest until wait for the second phase of left eye surgery which suffered more severe damage than his right eye.

Novel has started to work again at KPK on July 27. His return was welcomed by a number of the anti-graft institution leaders when arrived at KPK building in Jakarta. 

Further more, Novel stated that his case was an attack that was deliberately not revealed. He also did not believe if the case was being processed.

“So if it’s explained if there is an ongoing process of the case, i say that it’s formality,” Novel once said.

source : republika.co.id

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