Bali socializes “Bali Blues Festival 2019 Road Show”

DENPASAR – The socialization activity of the 2019 Roadshow Goes to Bali Blues Festival has been carried out with various events, one of which is holding the Jamz Blues Afternoon in Taman Kumbasari Tukad Badung, Bali.

The Head of the Denpasar City Tourism and Creative Resources Development Division, I Wayan Hendaryana welcomed the activity here Sunday.

He said the steps taken were in line with the vision and mission of the Mayor of Denpasar Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra and his Deputy Jaya Negara in providing space for creativity for the people. So that in the future they will be able to provide support for the development of the creative economy.

“We warmly welcome the implementation of this activity. Besides being able to support the creativity of musicians, they can also provide free entertainment for the community,” he said.

Furthermore, Hendrayana said the existence of Taman Kumbasari Tukad Badung, in addition to being a place of creativity is also a means for the people’s education. This is related to public awareness not to littering, including in rivers.

He said, of course, from the “Blues Afternoon” activity it was hoped that the activity would be able to stimulate the development of blues music in the city of Denpasar as one of the supporting sectors for the growth of the creative economy.

“Of course, Denpasar City Government highly appreciates and supports the implementation of this activity as with this activity it is expected to be able to support Taman Kumbasari Tukad Badung as one of the tourist destinations,” he said.

The activity coordinator, Anak Agung Bagus Mantra said that the implementation of Blues Afternoon deliberately took place in the Taman Kumbasari Tukad Badung Area. This is because the Denpasar City Government continues to provide support for the development of various creative sectors.

“This is the first showcase that we carried out on the banks of the river, so it is expected to be a means  for capturing talents of young people in the field of music, especially blues music,” he said.

The purpose of implementing this activity, continued Gus Mantra, is to introduce the Bali Blues Festival in 2019 which will be held on the Paninsula Island on July 13-14. Several blues bands were also involved in the Blues Afternoon Goes To Bali Blues Festival this time, namely Crazy Horse, Joni Agung, Walabi and other groups that came suddenly.

“Indeed, there are no special invitations, we jam and play with several songs, I share them on social media, and many stated that they would join, yes this is a good trend for the development of blues music and to attract young blues talents in the future,” he said.

source : Antara

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