#PreventCOVID19, NTB provincial government Issues Self-Isolation Cards

GETNEWS.ID, MATARAM – The NTB provincial government has confirmed it will tighten passenger inspection at the Port of Lembar, West Lombok. The move was intended to increase the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.

“Starting today, some employees from the NTB Provincial Transportation Office will begin to be BKO-assisted to assist the Port Health Office (KKP), which is standby at Port Lembar,” said the Head of the NTB’s Office of Informatics and Statistics (Kadiskominfotik), I Gede Putu Aryadi.

Aryadi admitted, referring to the Head of NTB Transportation Office, the BKO officer would assist the administration and data collection process at the Lembar Port. Because planned according to the existing scheme, then anyone who comes to Lombok Island using the sea lane will be given a Letter of Statement card ready to isolate themselves.

“So, giving the card is our effort to facilitate the work of tracking their whereabouts if their body temperature approaches the symptoms of COVID-19,” said Aryadi.

According to him, according to the arrival of passengers to prevent COVID-19, passengers from the sea lane will be checked for body temperature using a Hand Thermo Scanner and spraying using disinfectants.

The examination and spraying were carried out by the Integrated Health Team by carrying out early detection of the symptoms of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 of passengers on the KM Labobar ship that descended

“Every passenger who gets off at Port Sheets is immediately checked for body temperature and sprayed with disinfectant liquid. In principle, the effort to tighten access to and out of NTB from the port is the commitment of the NTB Provincial Government to prevent transmission of COVID-18,”explained Aryadi.


On that occasion, Aryadi asked the people who were given the status of People in Monitoring (ODP) to have awareness and follow government instructions.

ODP was asked to quarantine themselves and not leave the house or interact physically with the community, up to 14 days according to Corona’s incubation period. So, if the ODP later turns out to be positive, it will be easy to overcome and not spread the virus to the public.

It is known, an ODP from Montong Are Village, Kediri District, West Lombok, died yesterday. He has a Supervisory Person (ODP) status after traveling to Mojokerto, East Java. However, the victim did not quarantine themselves but instead played badminton.

“So everyone who comes from areas exposed to COVID-19 status is ODP, and he must follow the provisions and guidelines as ODP,” said Aryadi.

ODP itself is a term given to people who have traveled from COVID-19 exposed areas, or have been in close contact with Corona-positive patients or worked at COVID-19 hospital facilities for the past 14 days, both those who have mild flu-like symptoms cough and fever or not.

Aryadi asked all people with ODP status to be disciplined so that the Corona outbreak would quickly end and not develop.

“So that all can be disciplined. This is the time we can become human heroes, “said the man who was assigned at the NTB Coronavirus Alert Post.

Aryadi explained, soon there will also be cooperation with providers for the Flash SMS system aimed at the ODP. Its function is to remind the ODP of what may and may not be done during the independent quarantine period.

“In the future, there will be a Flash SMS sent to the ODP so that we can maintain and remind each other together,” he said.

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