Don’t panic shopping because COVID-19, NTB food stocks are certainly safe

GETNEWS.ID, MATARAM – Food stock or staples in NTB Province are in a safe condition. This can be seen from the results of the activities of the Market Operations Implementation by the NTB Food Task Force Team in anticipation of rising prices of basic commodities and anti-food stockpiles in the region of NTB which took place on Monday (3/30).

This Market Operations activity is carried out by the NTB Provincial Government together with the NTB Food Task Force by targeting several staple distributors, modern retailers, and shops in the NTB region.

The first activity was carried out at the Regional Office of Regional Logistics Agency of the NTB region and met directly with the Head of the Regional Division (Divre) of Logistics Agency, Supriyanto. The Head of Bulog explained that currently there are around 41,000 tons of rice available in the Bulog warehouse.

“The stock that enters per day to the Bulog Divre is around 100 tons. So for the willingness of rice needs are very fulfilled and in a very safe point, “Supriyanto said.

As for the sugar will be held starting next month by the Central Bureau of Logistics with an amount that will be received by the Regional Logistics Agency of NTB in the amount of 1000 tons. ” As for the supply of cooking oil, we are still safe. We have a direct sales service program to the community with a total of 100 liters per day, “he explained.

Then the Food Task Force team headed to Ruby Supermarket and met with the warehouse manager.
He explained the sugar stock remained even though there was a slight decrease in shipments from partners. This is because the local sugar company on Sumbawa Island experiences a shortage of sugar-making stocks and increases the purchase price. In addition to Ruby, the Task Force Team monitored Niaga Supermarket, PT. Sukses Karya Mandiri, Alfamart stock warehouse, UD. Shinta and Indomarco warehouse.

Head of the NTB Provincial Trade Office, Drs.H. Fathurahman, M.Si said, the staples in the form of rice are still stable and the availability of stocks is still very safe because it exceeds the capacity needs of the community.

While the increase in sugar prices is quite high from the price of HET (Lowest Retail Price) Rp.12,500 / kg to Rp. 17,300 / kg because the price of the distributor is quite high around 15,500 / kg. Factors causing the increase are based on information from sugar distributors on the island of Lombok, supplies from sugar companies shrinking due to a shortage of sugar making stock, while the demand for sugar on the market and outside the region is very high so the price competition is quite high.

“As for the stock of cooking oil and instant noodles, it is still stable and prices are still according to HET because the supply to distributors and retailers is still smooth and stable every week,” he explained.

While chicken eggs are still in a safe position because the amount of production is greater than the needs of the community.

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